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Rebecca’s Transformation

Many times my clients have cried when they see their final images or after a shoot when they feel ‘seen’ and beautiful and worthy.  But there has never been a time when I was the one in tears during a shoot until this one.  This is Rebecca.  One year ago today she (and I) started our fitness journey.  At the time we did not know each other but just happen to join XFIT at the same time.  We were both scared and anxious and looking to regain the person we once were before having children.  Through this year of breaking through our fears and limits, we gained so much more than our previous selves.  We’ve regained a new found love and acceptance of ourselves through sweat, grit, perseverance, tears, PRs, resilience, integrity, community and of course friendship.

Rebecca, you are amazing!  Watching your transformation has been so inspirational and life-affirming.  Thank you for your laughter every workout, your ability to push yourself and those around you when all we want to do is quit, your never-ending energy that is contagious, your ‘get-it-done’ attitude and focus and for just being that friend we can always turn to for a hug, a giggle, encouragement or whatever.  I so appreciate your friendship and am super honored to have been able to both witness and capture your transformation.  Happy 1 year anniversary Becca!  Let’s keep going!  Love you!

Scroll to the bottom for Rebecca’s ‘before’ photograph!


Rebecca’s BEFORE photo:


What a difference a year makes!  It is never too late!  Join us!  And if you’d like to capture your fitness journey, please contact me for your own customized session, you will not regret it.

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