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Many times my clients have cried when they see their final images or after a shoot when they feel ‘seen’ and beautiful and worthy.  But there has never been a time when I was the one in tears during a shoot until this one.  This is Rebecca.  One year ago today she (and I) started our fitness journey.  At the time we did not know each other but just happen to join XFIT at the same time.  We were both scared and anxious and looking to regain the person we once were before having children.  Through this year of breaking through our fears and limits, we gained so much more than our previous selves.  We’ve regained a new found love and acceptance of ourselves through sweat, grit, perseverance, tears, PRs, resilience, integrity, community and of course friendship.

Rebecca, you are amazing!  Watching your transformation has been so inspirational and life-affirming.  Thank you for your laughter every workout, your ability to push yourself and those around you when all we want to do is quit, your never-ending energy that is contagious, your ‘get-it-done’ attitude and focus and for just being that friend we can always turn to for a hug, a giggle, encouragement or whatever.  I so appreciate your friendship and am super honored to have been able to both witness and capture your transformation.  Happy 1 year anniversary Becca!  Let’s keep going!  Love you!

Scroll to the bottom for Rebecca’s ‘before’ photograph!


Rebecca’s BEFORE photo:


What a difference a year makes!  It is never too late!  Join us!  And if you’d like to capture your fitness journey, please contact me for your own customized session, you will not regret it.

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Wow, what a super honor to spend time with and photograph the amazing Angie Doctor.  She is a powerhouse of a woman, an educator, a vocalist, a composer, an entrepreneur, a mother and a great friend.  I met her at Jazz Camp West many moons ago and I always look forward to her smile, her laugh and heartfelt and gorgeous performances.  Angie has been a huge presence in the Bay Area Jazz scene for the last 18 years and her list of accomplishments is long.

Angie is a song-writer and arranger, vocal coach and clinician for school music ensembles and solo singers, background singer for groups such as The Manhattans, Heatwave, Gene Chandler, Barbara Lewis, Billy Paul, and many others, studio singer and voice-over talent, is the soprano in the jazz vocal quartet Clockwork and is currently in the wackiest of all a cappella groups, The Bobs. In addition, she has been singer and soloist for music projects with Bobby McFerrin, Sufjan Stevens, Sweet Honey in the Rock, John Zorn, Meredith Monk, performing at venues that include Zellerbach in Berkeley, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the Philharmonie Berlin. Her vocal work can be heard on many recording projects, including as a featured soloist on the Grammy-nominated recording of Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass” (Harmonia Mundi), conducted by Kent Nagano.

Angie, thank you for trusting me to capture your light and beauty.  I look forward to seeing how you use these images as you rebrand your website.  Stay tuned everyone!   Thank you Brittni J Coleman for doing such an amazing job on Angie’s makeup and hair – your work constantly amazes me and I love working with you!




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Modern Glamour, Modern Beauty Shoot, Bay Area Modern Glamourpinimage

Kathy is an incredible woman: graphic designer, community leader, wife, mother, author and overall amazing person who inspires me every day. She is raising two high school kids, one headed out to college next year.  With her busy schedule, she hadn’t taken the time to really pamper herself with photography until our session together.  We laughed and talked and she let her light shine for me.  Kathy, you are gorgeous inside and out.  Thank you for sharing your sparkling self with me and allowing me to capture your beauty and personality. Please take a look at her work:  The Party Evangelist, Dirt and Sunshine

Kathy says, “I didn’t think age could be just a number until I saw these photos of me and realized I look younger than my true age (50). I credit a lot of it to Rosaura’s mastery of natural lighting and posing, not to mention wonderful hair and make-up!”

Thank you Asal for the beautiful hair and makeup for Kathy’s shoot.

Modern Beauty Shoot, Modern Glamour, Bay Area GlamourpinimageModern Beauty Shoot, Modern Glamour, Bay Area GlamourpinimageModern Beauty Shoot, Modern Glamour, Bay Area GlamourpinimageModern Glamour, Bay Area Modern Beauty ShootpinimageModern Beauty Shoot, Modern Glamour, Bay Area GlamourpinimageModern Beauty Shoot, Modern Glamour, Bay Area GlamourpinimageModern Beauty Shoot, Modern Glamour, Bay Area GlamourpinimageModern Beauty Shoot, Modern Glamour, Bay Area Glamourpinimage

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I met Brittni only 6 months ago but she has quickly become one of my favorite people in the world.  Not only is she an incredibly talented makeup and hair artist, she has the biggest and warmest heart of anyone I know.   She is so generous with her time, love and talent that she is my main makeup artist for all my shoots, including any that I would do for myself.  I trust her completely to listen to our clients and give them the look that they want while also offering suggestions and ideas they would not have thought of.  Most of the work you see on this site is her’s featuring Arbonne Cosmetics, vegan-certified, paraban-free, never-tested on animals or use animal products AWESOME makeup.  I feel relieved knowing that both the application and non-toxic makeup used will give our Beauty clients the best experience and look they’ve ever had.  Thank you Brittni for all your hard work and dedication, thank you for your leadership, thank you for your friendship and thank you for letting me capture the amazing light that shines so bright in you.  To view more of Brittni’s wonderful work, please visit her FB page Makeup4Royalty!

Brittni says, “I have worked with many photographers but there is nothing quite like Rosaura Studios. Passionate and professional, Rosaura knows how to find the magic with each and every individual she photographs. I am truly honored to have experienced a photo shoot with her and I believe every person deserves this incredible experience.”



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Modern Beauty Shoot by Rosaura for Mirari Romero_01pinimage

I met Mirari back in my salsa dancing days when going out 4 nights a week to either social dance or practice was the norm.  Yes, that was before kids.  Right away she struck me as this strong, intelligent yet sensitive and creative woman.  On one hand she could perform handstands and splits on command in front of an audience and on the other hand her soft voice and gentle nature revealed a more pensive, shy and deep soul.  Mirari has such an interesting background, she has an MBA, used to train for the circus, is an Executive Assistant all the while being an incredible mother of 2 amazing little girls, ages 9 and 7 who keep her super busy.  I love these sessions because I get to pamper and spend time with incredible women and help them accept and acknowledge how beautiful they are, not just on the outside but inside as well.  And through this process, I get to know them better and share this experience with them.  Mirari, you are so amazing and gorgeous inside and out.  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beauty and personality and all the many facets of it.  You are so brave, creative, thoughtful, intelligent, loving and such an amazing mother.  Thank you for your friendship and sharing your heart with me.  Love you!

Thank you Brittni for the beautiful hair and makeup for Mirari’s shoot.

Modern Beauty Shoot by Rosaura for Mirari Romero_03 copypinimage

Modern Beauty Shoot by Rosaura for Mirari Romero_04 copy 2pinimage

Modern Beauty Shoot by Rosaura for Mirari Romero_09pinimageModern Beauty Shoot by Rosaura for Mirari Romero_12pinimage

Modern Beauty Shoot by Rosaura for Mirari Romero_11pinimage

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