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  • Rebecca’s Transformation

    Many times my clients have cried when they see their final images or after a shoot when they feel ‘seen’

    Meet Angie Doctor

    Wow, what a super honor to spend time with and photograph the amazing Angie Doctor.  She is a powerhouse of a woman,

    Meet Kathy

    Kathy is an incredible woman: graphic designer, community leader, wife, mother, author and overall amazing person who

    Meet Brittni

    I met Brittni only 6 months ago but she has quickly become one of my favorite people in the world.  Not only is she an

    Meet Mirari

    I met Mirari back in my salsa dancing days when going out 4 nights a week to either social dance or practice was the

    Meet Kenya

    I met Kenya at my beloved Jazz Camp West several years ago, little did I know our lives would cross paths again and be

    Meet Karine

    What a delight to photograph Karine and oh, that red hair!  Karine Brighten is originally from Ottawa (Canada) and she

    Meet The Romero Women

    I had such a great time photographing Mirari and her two amazing kids.  It is extra work to photograph kiddos but I

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